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Our team of experienced and talented medical estheticians and other medical professionals combined bring you over 60 years of working with skin. Here at More Than A Pretty Face we combine medical and holistic treatments to bring you the best outcome for your skin needs. We believe in helping our clients learn about their skin and also achieve their individual skincare and body goals.

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   Currently we do not offer fillers and botox everyday at the studio and appointments will need to be made in advance in order to receive these services. We also can make referrals for body work such as lipo and breast augmentations but at this time  these services  are not  being offered at our location. However we have  good relationships with very reliable doctors and can help you with finding the right one for you. If you are interested in attending our Flute and Fillers parties please contact us and give us your information so we can put you on the list to be notified.

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Specialists Who Care


  I personally  believe that everyone is naturally beautiful and unique in their own way and  am glad that God made us all individuals. I also understand that we all have insecurities  or things that we would like to improve and there is nothing wrong with that.  My purpose is to enhance your natural beauty to powerhouse your self esteem in your outer self.  But remember that true beauty starts  inside and that nothing will ever take the place of that. We here treat you mind, body and soul. Loving yourself is the most powerful beauty mark.  

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