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We love doing chemical peels here at More Than A Pretty Face and summertime is no different. But there are certain peels that are better for the summer due to the heat and our clients life style. So we have come up with a selection of chemical peels that we call our Summer Party Peels. Some of them you can actually do and be at the beach within 24 hours (with sun protection of course) and you will be just fine. 

Why Do Peels In the Summer

Why not! But here are a few reasons why you might consider a peel during this time of the season. 

1. You want a glow( but not the grease)

Salicylic Acid helps absorb and control excess oils in the skin. So summertime chemical peels are a great option for those of us who are tired of reaching for an oil blotting sheet every hour. 

2. Quick Fix

Getting ready for a wedding, class reunion and everyone's going to be there and you want to look your best. A Summer Party Peel will have your skin ready for that event. You may not need that makeup artist , your makeup will apply smoother than ever on your baby soft skin. ( If you do hire your artisit , she will thank you too)

3.You prefer to Natural

Listen guys its too hot to have all that full coverage makeup . Let your skin breathe.


The downtime for these peels are usually 2-3 days and no sheet peeling. Your peeling will be microscopic and post care with a gentle cleanser, moisturizer and sun protection  and then you are back to your regular regime. 

Preparation for your Peel

Preparation for your chemical peel is very important but most places don't stress the reason for that. Let me explain . If you just apply a chemical peel to an uneven and rough unprepared surface. What you will get is some areas take up the peel and others that don't get enough acid penetration. Therefore you may see some peeling in certain areas but not all over. And  if that's okay for you , that's fine but if you want better results I say pretreat your skin. And another reason to pretreat your skin if you are medium to dark skin, is to prevent PIH (Post Inflammatory hyperpigmentation). What we are doing when we pre treat dark skin is slowing down the melanin production along with evening your skin tone

Ways to Pre -Treat Skin for Peels

For glycolic, mandelic, salicylic and lactic acid peels the preparation is minimal . I recommend our Glycolic Cleansers or our Pre Exfoliating Kit. 

One of the simplest things you can do is use an acid based cleanser. Acids help to thin the stratum corneum so your skin is more even and ready to accept any treatments , especially a peel. 

During the day time, follow your acid cleanser with an antioxidant like our vitamin C serum to aid in not only brightening and evening your skin tone, but it helps in stimulating regeneration in the skin too.

Another way to prepare your skin is using Acid Serums. This will aid in exfoliating the dead skin build up and a serum with a combination of acids like our glycolic, mandelic and lactic serum in a hydrating hyaluronic acid base. I always recommend using these at night before your moisturizers. 

This preparation program is for all AHA peels and also our Summer Party Peels, to aid in protecting your skin and getting you the ultimate results of your peel.

Now for stronger peels like TCA's and Jessners or if you have medium - dark skin tone or you have severe pigmentation challenge, you will need to do more for preparation.

These peels, I find that preparing the skin with Retinoids instead of hydroxy acids ( only if your skin can tolerate it) works better. If you have Tretinoin from your doctor, it will do. But if you do not I highly recommend our Retinol/Glycolic pads . They will help to thin the ourtermost layer of dead skin as well as pre-treat any pigmentation your dealing with and also it stimulates collagen production.(added bonus)

**Using Retinol prior to a peel will help with healing, Vitamin A puts your skin into hyper-regenerative state. This means your pimples heal faster, pigmentation is reduced more quickly and of course your skin heals faster after treatments.


The other product that is a must if you have dark skin and have pigmentation issues is your melanin inhibitor. The melanin inhibitor helps to slow down melanin production in the skin, as well as begins the lightening process of your pigmentation on the epidermis. 

Use of the melanin inhibitor is at least 2 weeks but longer is better. 

Our Retinol /glycolic pads are great for that also because it contains Kojical and Arbutin and we also have a Ultra Lightening Serum with 2% Kojic Acid and 2% hydroquinone. 

Every one is different and it will be up to your skincare therapist which would be best for each individual based on your consultation.

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